Association Internationale du Jeu de Ficelle

Bulletin de l'Association Internationale du Jeu de Ficelle


Edité par - Mark A. Sherman, Pasadena, California

Rédacteurs Associés - Joseph D'Antoni, Queens, New York;  Myriam Namolaru, Haifa, Israel;

Belinda Holbrook, Davenport, Iowa; Stephan Claassen, Best, Netherlands.
Comité de Rédaction - Hiroshi Noguchi, Tokyo, Japan; Philip Noble, Inverness, Ecosse

 Le Bulletin de l'Association Internationale du Jeu de Ficelle  (BISFA) est une publication savante
présentant des documents originaux qui font progresser notre compréhension et renforce
notre plaisir des jeux de ficelle. BISFA est publié annuellement, en septembre, par ISFA Press
(Pasadena, Californie). BISFA remplace le Bulletin de l'Association des Jeux de Ficelle,
(Toky Nippon Ayatori Kyokai), qui a été publiée en 19 volumes (1978-1993).


Les traductions proposées ne comprennent pas les illustrations et photos du texte original.
J'ai traduit ces textes pour vous donner un aperçu de la qualité et de la richesse 
de ces publications.

Table  des Matières -  Volume 24, 2017

Please note that digital versions in pdf format

are currently available free of charge

to members of the ISFA

Topics include:


  • Instructions for making newly discovered traditional string figures.
  • Instructions for making modern (recently invented) string figures.
  • Reconstructions of figures for which no methods were collected.
  • Comparative studies examining the geographic distribution of specific string figures and techniques.
  • Essays examining the myths, legends, and taboos often associated with string figures.
  • Mathematical analyses of string figures (mathematicians view string figures as knots).
  • Personal narratives describing string figure learning and teaching experiences.
  • Accounts of performances that incorporate string figures (includes dance recitals, poetry readings, lectures, and storytelling events).
  • Book reviews, bibliographic updates.
  • Letters to the Editor (short communications, discussions of previously published articles, etc.).


Quality of information

All articles appearing in BISFA are critically reviewed by members of our editorial staff. This ensures that all string figure instructions are accurate and that all discussions are academically sound. BISFA is indexed and abstracted by the following services:

  • Anthropological Literature - Harvard University
  • Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals - Museum of Mankind, London
  • Modern Language Association Bibliographic Index - New York

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